The Jonas lab is hiring postdocs & technicians! We are looking to add highly motivated researchers to our team in the following areas:


  • This project seeks to integrate micro-scale fluorescence, Raman spectroscopy, and optical coherence imaging elements to measure drug responses in live tumors. Candidates should have experience with fiber optics, GRIN lenses, in-vivo imaging, optogenetics, or other micro-optics.

Tumor immunology and immunotherapy

  • This project seeks to develop functional signatures of immune responses in tumors to develop a biomarker-based predictive assay for cancer immunotherapies. Candidates should have experience in measurement of immune responses, including histology and other techniques.

Genome editing

  • This project seeks to perform multiplexed in-vivo genome editing. Candidates should have a background in using cutting-edge genome-editing technology in animal models, and have experience with standard molecular, cell and animal techniques.

Biopsy needles & catheters

  • We are looking for engineers with experience in prototyping and testing of biopsy needles, catheters. Experience in CAD/CAM and microfabrication is desired.