Our lab is a nexus of engineers, scientists, and clinicians that strives to solve biomedical problems of high unmet clinical need. We develop new technologies to examine, diagnose, and treat live tissues within their native microenvironment. Our work includes ideation, prototyping, in vivo testing, applications to biological problems, and clinical translation.

We have ongoing research projects in the following areas:

  • Use of optical modalities to investigate the effects of drugs on tissues in real time, including fluorescence and Raman microscopy, and optical coherence tomography
  • Multiplexed single-cell histomics for the precise characterization of local in vivo drug response
  • Development of miniature optical elements to measure cancer drug efficacy in vivo
  • Development of functional assays to predict tumor response to cancer immunotherapies
  • In situ metabolic profiling of immune cells & investigating the metabolic competition between immune cells and cancer cells in live tumors
  • Multiplexed in vivo genome editing in cancer and somatic tissues
  • High-throughput in vivo screens of large drug sets to systematically investigate cancer dependencies and drug synergies